Broncos Fall to Seahawks : The Good, Bad & Ugly

Broncos Fall to Seahawks : The Good, Bad & Ugly

When the Denver Broncos took the field on Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks, the hangover from not starting in the preseason was evident. The Broncos looked like they needed a huge dose of caffeine.

In the opening game of the season, Broncos Country’s hopes were dashed as the team could not overcome mental errors, penalties, and turnovers. To make matters worse, the Seahawks played with a higher sense of urgency and were more physical.

Give the Broncos credit; They fought till the end in a 17-16 defeat. The important takeaway from Monday night’s game? This is how it is necessary to play good football in all four quarters to win in the NFL.

The Denver Broncos stole Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks

Let’s cover the good, the bad, and the ugly, from Denver’s season-opening defeat to Seattle.

After an aggressive drought over the past few years, it was refreshing to see head coach Nathaniel Hackett’s newly created outside zone run plan. Russell Wilson went 29-in-42 for 340 passing yards and a touchdown with a passer rating of 101.3.

California earthquake rocked the San Francisco Bay area, causing minor damage

Watching a Broncos QB throw for over 300 yards was a breath of fresh air. Although the running back made two devastating fumbles on the goal-line, for most of the game, Orange and Blue were able to get the ball down the field. However, inside the 10-yard line, the offense stalled three times due to penalties and defensive pressure on Wilson.

It’s great to see Hackett give Jerry Judy opportunities to shine.

Tight Ends

The Broncos looked like they needed a huge dose of caffeine.

One of the most unhandled position groups on the Broncos’ roster was instrumental in helping the offense deliver consistent yards. Fullback/tight end Andrew Beck caught three first-quarter passes which forced the Seahawks’ defense to adjust its strategy to compensate.

Not wanting to stay out, Albert Okuwegbunam caught five passes and pushed the chains forward. Eric Sobert and Eric Tomlinson were the road graders in the opening hole for the running backs.

Bradley Chub | OLB

After a slow start, Chub made two sacks in time to change the course of the game.


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