Diabetes Symptoms : Do not ignore this gesture from body, there may be a risk of diabetes

Excessive Sweating In Diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms: No human being wants his enemy to have a disease like diabetes, because once a person becomes a victim of this disease, he may have to suffer for life.

If a person does not know that he has diabetes and continues to follow his normal lifestyle and food habits, then his blood sugar level will suddenly get out of control and then many other problems will arise in the body including heart and kidney disease. Let us know how to recognize the early symptoms of diabetes so that no other problem arises.

When you start sweating more than normal

Sweating in the body is a very normal process, it is more common in summer and humid weather, but sometimes if you feel that you are sweating excessively, then be alert in such a situation. need to go. This condition is called Secondary Hyperhidrosis in the medical term. If you are also facing this kind of problem then it can be a sign of many diseases.

Cause of excessive sweating

When the body starts sweating too much, it can be a warning sign of diabetes. This means that the glucose level in your blood has become uncontrolled and different hormones are being released from the body.

Especially when adrenaline is released, a lot of sweating starts in the body. Having diabetes can affect our sweat glands, causing such a condition.

Although it is not necessary that excessive sweating should be considered a symptom of diabetes, many other reasons can also be responsible for this.

Secondary Hyperhidrosis can attack your body even when you become a victim of obesity because then the body needs more energy and because of this, more sweating starts.

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