Erotic Sculptures Made in Khajuraho Temple, Know What is Real Reason

    Khajuraho temple

    Khajuraho is a famous tourist destination of India. This is an ancient temple located in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. This temple is known for its erotic sculptures among tourists from all over the world. Tourists get mesmerized by seeing the carvings and beautiful paintings here. 10 percent of the carvings made on the walls of this temple are such, which depict sexual activities. Whereas 90 percent of the carvings depict the life of the people there at that time.

    It is said that the Chandel kings had made these idols in the temple, but why this mystery remains till now. After all, what was the reason that statues of Rati Krida, dance postures, spirituality and love were made on the walls of the temple. However, people have different opinions in this regard. We tell you that.

    Temple is included in the World Heritage

    Because of This Erotic Idols Made in Khajuraho Temple, Know What is the Real Reason

    Due to the grandeur, beauty and antiquity of this temple, it has been included in the world heritage. The erotic idols made in this temple have been opposed many times. However, there is not even a sense of obscenity on the faces of men and women depicted in Kamakala rugs. These temples and their sculptures are invaluable heritage of architecture and art.

    Why Maithuni idols were made in the temple

    Because of This Erotic Idols Made in Khajuraho Temple, Know What is the Real Reason

    Many Maithuni idols have been installed in this temple. After seeing which many questions come in people’s mind. For example, what was the purpose of making these idols at a place like a temple. Why didn’t the religious leaders oppose it while making idols? Does this temple have any connection with Kamasutra? There is also a secret to install erotic idols in Khajuraho, which we will tell you further.

    The secret of erotic idols in the temple

    Because of This Erotic Idols Made in Khajuraho Temple, Know What is the Real Reason

    A live depiction of Ashta Mithun is seen in the idols of the temple. One of the 22 temples, the temple of Kandariya Mahadev is very famous for work education. This temple was built by King Vidyadhar after defeating Mohammad Ghaznavi for the second time around 1065 AD. Beautiful pictures of male-eunuch, goddess-goddess and lover-couple etc. have been engraved on the outside walls. You will find some unique copulation scenes on the middle walls.

    Every idol has its own importance

    The erotic sculptures made on the walls in Khajuraho have their own importance. Here, 3 sculptures made from top to bottom on a wall are an imitation of a principle described in Kamasutra. The importance of increasing arousal through hugs and kisses at the beginning of copulation has been shown. In the same scene, a man is seen having sex with 3 women. There is also a statue where the hero and heroine are using nails and teeth to excite each other. This also reflects some principle of Kamasutra.

    This recognition is the secret of these idols

    It is said that at the time of the Chandela kings, this area was dominated by the left-wing branch of the Tantric community. These people considered both yoga and enjoyment as the means of salvation. These idols are the result of his activities only. The scriptures say that sex can also be a means to attain salvation, but this applies only to those who are truly mumukshu.

    This mystery still exists

    There is a very popular story about these idols. It is said that once Hemvati, the daughter of Rajpurohit Hemraj, came to bathe in the lake in the evening. During that time, when Chandradev wandering in the sky saw Hemvati taking bath, his mind started getting distracted. At that very moment he appeared before the beautiful Hemvati and requested her for his love. It is said that the son who was born to him grew up to establish the Chandel dynasty. Due to the fear of the society, Hemavati brought up the son on the banks of the Karanavati river and named him Chandravarman.

    The mother gave a message to the son

    Growing up, Chandravarman became an influential king. Once his mother Hemvati appeared to him in a dream and asked him to build such temples so that the society could understand that sex drive is also an essential part of life and that the person who fulfills this desire should never feel guilty.

    Chandravarman chose Khajuraho

    Chandravarman obeyed his mother and chose Khajuraho to build such a temple. By making it his capital, he also performed a huge yajna of 85 altars here. Later, 85 temples were built in place of these altars. But today out of 85 only 22 temples are left here. That period ended with the departure of the Chandelas from Khajuraho in the 14th century.

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