Janet McCurdy defends title book ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’: I mean it’s ‘Honestly’

Jennette McCurdy defends titling book ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’

Janet McCurdy “who claims she experienced abuse from her late mother, Debra — stands by her decision to name her memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”

“I think it’s attention-grabbing, but it’s also something I honestly mean,” she said of the headline during an interview on “Good Morning America” ​​Wednesday.

The 30-year-old “iCarly” alum explained that she was not using the title in a “flippant” way and believes those who have been abused will understand the point she is trying to convey. Still working.

“While the response may be divided, I really appreciate the positivity I’ve got from a lot of people,” she said.

“I think anyone who has experienced parental abuse understands this title and I think anyone who has a sense of humor understands this title.”

McCurdy said he is “not so concerned” with someone else’s opinion, noting that “this book is not for him.”

I'm Glad My Mom Died: McCurdy, Jennette

McCurdy also shared that at times, she still misses her mother, who died of cancer in 2013. However, she admitted that if her mother were still alive she would not have written her memoir as she would still have her “identity determined by her”.

His book details the allegedly abusive behavior of his late mother, Debra. “Grief for my mom used to be really complicated for me. I would feel angry and confused about why I was angry that I was hurting her,” McCurdy explained.

“I realized she didn’t deserve my tears and my sadness because she was abusive, but it simplified in a really relieving way and now I feel like I’m able to miss her. This is possible only because of the healing that took place through the writing of the book.”

During his tell-all book, McCurdy detailed the abusive behavior his mother reportedly displayed when she was growing up and rose to fame by starring in “iCarly” and the spinoff series, “Sam and Cat”. during.

“I start shrinking by the week as Mom and I team up each night to count our calories and plan our meals for the next day. We’re putting me on a 1,000-calorie diet, but I have the clever idea that if I only eat half the food, I’ll only get half the calories, which means I’m shrinking twice as fast,” McCurdy tells his tome.

written in “Every Sunday, she weighs me and measures my thighs with a measuring tape. After a few weeks of our routine, she provides me with a stack of diet books that I quickly complete… I weigh myself five times a day.”

iCarly's Jennette McCurdy says she was abused by mom Debbie

McCurdy alleged that when a doctor expressed that she might have anorexia, her mother denied knowing about any food habits. She also shared that she had lost so much weight that she was using a booster seat in a car when she was 14.

The actress also claimed that her mother used to bathe her every now and then and “conducted a breast and ‘front butt’ exam,” adding that when she was 16, her mother used to shave her daughter’s legs too.

“She says she wants to make sure I don’t have any mysterious lumps or bumps because they could be cancer. I say okay because I definitely don’t want cancer, and since Mom had this and all, so if I did they would know,” she wrote.

“I usually think of Disneyland when mom is taking exams… By the time the exams are over, a huge wave of relief has swept over my entire body and I usually realize that after the exams are over, I’m not sure what to do.” I’ve felt my body for the first time since it was started.”

McCurdy said that when she started getting famous, her mother started to resent her. “Fame has put a rift between mom and me that I didn’t think was possible. She wanted this. And I wanted him to be with her. I just wanted him to be happy,” she wrote.

“But now that I have, I realize that she is happy and I am not. Her happiness came at a cost to me. I feel robbed and exploited. Sometimes I look at her and I hate her.” and then I hate myself for not realizing it.”

iCarly's Jennette McCurdy says she was abused by mom Debbie

McCurdy also recalled the time her mom found out she had started dating — but was not yet sexually active. She wrote in her book that her mother was verbally abusive, calling her a “filthy little lay w-e,” and “a little s-t, nothing more than a fluffy, all used up.”

Among other abuses, McCurdy claims that his mother also lied to him about who his biological father was. She says her eating disorder continued after her mother died – but she has since sought professional help.

“His death left me with more questions than answers, more pain than healing, and many layers of grief—the initial grief from his passing, then the grief of having to accept his abuse and my exploitation, and finally, the grief that Now it comes out I miss her and I start crying – because I still miss her and start crying.”

Amid his toxic relationship with his mother, McCurdy also claimed that he was offered $300,000 for not speaking publicly about his stint at Nickelodeon.

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