On this day 25 years ago, Princess Diana died

On this day 25 years ago, Princess Diana died

Fans of the late Princess Diana paid tribute outside her Kensington Palace home on Wednesday to mark the 25th anniversary of her death in a Paris car accident.

An arrangement of white chrysanthemums spelled “Princess Diana” sat among dozens of photos and messages left by fans, some of whom said they make the annual pilgrimage to remember the tragedy.

“We just come here, do memorials and, you know, we just talk about the things she used to do, you know, … tell people we’ll never forget the princess, we Will never forget what he did.” ‘ said Julie Cain, 59, who traveled 300 miles from Newcastle in northern England. “We want his legacy to last as long as possible.”

On this day 25 years ago, Princess Diana died

Diana died on August 31, 1997, at the age of 36, astonishing people around the world who realized they knew the princess’s successes and struggles after watching her on TV screens and on newspaper covers for 17 years. Tributes left outside Kensington Palace on Wednesday were a small reminder of the mountains of flowers that were piled up there in the days following Diana’s death.

Diana was under constant media attention from the time she was engaged to be married to Prince Charles, until her death. Her story of marriage, ugly divorce, and attempts to build a new life all made headlines.

The public watched as she grew from a shy teenager into an international style icon who befriended AIDS patients, charmed Nelson Mandela, and drove through a mine to promote a campaign to eradicate landmines. Gone from Along the way, she showed the royal family, especially her sons William and Harry, how to connect with people and be relevant in the 21st century.

On Wednesday morning, Cain and his friend Maria Scott, 51, paid their respects to Diana as it dawned at the palace, as they do every year.

“There was something about that girl that really stood out. And of course, I saw the wedding, the fairy-tale princess,” said Scott. “And, you know, you see, she’s in your life.” Because you were watching it on television every day. She was in newspapers and magazines. It was all over. And you felt he was a part of your life. ,

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