Trouble Scanning Qr Code in Whatsapp Web, Follow These Tips

Trouble scanning QR code in WhatsApp Web, follow these tips

WhatsApp is one of the leading messaging apps in the world. Apart from smartphones, this chatting app is also used on computers and laptops through WhatsApp web. For this, users have to scan the QR code present on the screen and only after that, the messaging app opens. However, there are times when the QR code is not scanned.

If you are also struggling with such a problem, then this news is going to be useful for you. We are going to give you some tips here so that you will be able to easily fix the problem in QR Code.

Update Whatsapp

If the QR Code is not working properly, then go to App Store or Google Play Store and update WhatsApp. After the latest update is installed, the QR code will start working properly.

Use the in-built QR Code scanner

Most of us users scan the QR code through third-party scanner apps to run WhatsApp on PC. This is the reason why the code is not being scanned. Instead, we should use the in-built scanner of WhatsApp.

Clear Cache

Sometimes the QR code of WhatsApp does not work due to the cache not being cleared. In such a situation, always keep in mind that keep clearing the cache from time to time. By doing this, the QR code of WhatsApp will work properly and the processing speed of your mobile will also increase.

Remove Less Used Devices

Now there is a facility to link four devices with one account in WhatsApp. If you are not able to open WhatsApp on the PC or laptop of your most used device, then unlink your devices which you use very rarely. By doing this also the QR code will start working properly.

Internet connection

Due to slow internet also the QR code does not work. In this case, check the internet speed of your device. If the speed is slow then try to open WhatsApp on a laptop or PC through another internet connection.

Recently Released This Feature

Let us tell you that WhatsApp recently added GIF Auto-Play on its beta platform. With the introduction of this feature, the user will not need to click on the GIF to play it. Earlier users had to do this.

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