Twitter account suspension rules are changing from February 1, now users will get this facility


Every day some new change happens on Twitter after the entry of Elon Musk. The company has changed the account suspension policy. The company has given information about this on Friday. The new change is coming into effect from February 1. Under this, users will be able to appeal their account suspension.

To restore the account, the social media platform will be reviewed under the new criteria. Under the new criteria, a Twitter account can be suspended only for repeated violations of the platform’s policy.

For what reasons can Twitter be banned?

Accounts can also be suspended in case of serious policy violations. Serious policy violations include things like illegal content or activity, threatening or harming someone, and harassment. Twitter says that in the coming times, ‘serious action’ will be taken in fewer cases.

In the future, instead of suspending an account, the social media platform will reduce its reach. Or users may have to delete a tweet. The company can ask to delete the tweet before using the account.

Musk has been continuously opposing account banning

Elon Musk was opposing the suspension of the account since the time of the Twitter deal. After the completion of the deal, many popular Twitter accounts been restored, which were earlier banned or suspended. The name of former US President Donald Trump is also included in this list.

Recently, the account of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has also been restored. Kangana Ranaut’s account was banned about two years back. Elon Musk is constantly making many changes on Twitter.

Now three types of verification badges are being given on the platform. Where government agencies, officers, and ministers get gray color badges. At the same time, companies have been given yellow badges, while individual users are getting blue ticks.

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