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iOS 16 Update  

Latest features will be available in old iPhone  

Apple has released the new iOS 16 update today. Apple's new update will be released for iPhone and Apple Watch.

The new update has been released for the iPhone 8 and higher versions. Let us know that the iPhone 14 model will already get the iOS 16 update.

New features iPhone lock screen, notifications and password have been updated. Similarly, Apple Watch Series 4 has given WatchOS 9 update for subsequent watches.

Apple has confirmed that the update will arrive for iPad users by the end of the year. The lock screen update has been released in the iPhone as an iOS 16 update.

In this, users will be given a customized wallpaper image. Also, the date and time display will be available  with the lock screen. Also, users will get a customized font style.

Calendar events, alarms, time zone information and battery level will be displayed during the lock screen. Also, multiple lock screen options will be available.

After the new update, the message will get edit, undo send and mark conversation option. The message can be edited or deleted for 15 minutes.

Mail can be canceled after 10 minutes after sending, message schedule option will be available. The message will get the option of reminder.

They can be used to sign into websites or apps through Safari without a password. The passkey is synced across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV devices using iCloud Keychain.

To download the latest iOS update, click on the 'Settings' tab of your iPhone. After that click on General.

How to Download iOS 16

Then click on Software Update section. Where users can download and install the update.

How to Download iOS 16

Similarly users can update their watch. These iPhone models will get iOS 16 Updates Click for list. 

How to Download iOS 16