Wife makes relationship with new guests, husband keeps doing this work

Wife makes relationship with new guests

Wife has sex with guest: You all must have read and heard about many such rituals, and customs, which are shocking. Now today we are going to tell you something that will blow your senses.

Actually, we are talking about the Himba tribe in Namibia which lives in the Kunain province of Africa. This region is counted among the driest regions of the world. There is very little water used here.

Let us tell you that Himba girls take bath only on their wedding day, although their body does not smell bad. And the women of the Himba tribe are considered to be the most beautiful women in Africa.

Do this work to prepare yourself

Actually, this is because their skin color is red. Instead of taking a bath, he boils special herbs in water and refreshes his body with their fumes. It doesn’t give them any foul smell.

Not only this, but apart from this, he applies lotions to protect the skin from the sun, which he himself prepares. They prepare it by mixing animal fat and hematite dust. Which is made of red color. Due to this, their skin looks red.

Guests make relationships by choosing women

For your information, let me tell you that even insects do not bite them because of this lotion. Here women only cover their private parts. The upper part of the body remains open.

The most surprising thing is that the Himba tribe has a unique tradition. Here women form relationships with the guests. Here the guest is asked whether he will have a physical relationship. When they give their approval, they are given the opportunity to choose a woman.

Husband gives permission to have sex

Not only this, husbands allow their guests to have sex with their wives. Not only this, but in the meantime, the husband sleeps in another room or outside the house and due to this, a man can have relations with many women here.

And the relationship rules apply to both men and women. Women can have relationships with more than one man and men can do the same.

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